Sheri L. Aguillon saguillon@juno.com

I was enjoying my morning bath
when a tiny spider crossed my path
he had ran so fast past the water's edge
then stood as if frozen on the window ledge

How fascinating this creature is now
as he works vigorously to clean his brow
does he chose to make his body clean
or has he been programmed by One unseen?

I wash as well behind my ears
as I've done for so many years
But I clean because I chose
I still have a choice and can refuse

There's more Jehovah gave to me
things that ol' spider couldn't see
For I have ability to worship & love
The laws and qualities from our God above

And I can plan for future days
In a way that brings to my creator praise
Can this tiny insect really think?
Does he know he'll be gone in just a blink?
Does he look at all Jehovah has made?
Has he thanked him - has he ever prayed?

Or does he not continue to achieve
what only instinct can perceive
For he goes from task to task
with never a thought nor a question to ask

For he was created with a design in mind
to adorn the earth and serve mankind
and then to end his short life
without any worry or anxious strife

As I let the water drain from the tub
my attention was turned to Beelzabub
For he could care less of the spider's plight
It's MY heart he'd love to incite

Will I fight his ever present pull
or will my conscience become dull?
If so, like the spider who was born to die
In time, oh how swiftly - so will I!

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